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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hehehe ... I am quiet again..

yes, for the past couple of weeks because we are moving to our house and there's no internet line. Stay tune for new updates :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Activity

My parents are busy packing our things as we are moving to our house by end of this month. My grandparents on mummy's side are here. I called them Tok and Wan. Last weekend, daddy took me and my cousin Nurin to a nearby swimming pool. I just love siwing (swimming) and I dont want to leave the pool! We spent about 1.5 hour there... and it does not enough for me ... huhuhuhu ......

Gaya ada ..... next Nurul Huda maybe?

On your mark .... get set.... 

GOOOO!!!! .... to nowhere hehehe .... 

Oh no .... I don't want to go home ... I want to swim .... (firmly hold the pillar) ...uhuk!

Friday, April 22, 2011

My first day at school in Bahrain

My parents enrolled me to a nearby kindy. The first day is 3rd Jan 2011. I was so excited little to know that they will leave me there for 4 hours!!! hehehe .... nevermind, 1st day went well, nothing much to expect. I was placed in Blue Class and my teacher's name is Ms Joanna. Blue Class Assistance Teachers are Ms Carol and Ms Aida. I met new friends in the class. Ms Joanna told mummy (when mummy pick up me at 11.30am), I did ask for mummy once. Ms Joanna said she told me "Mummy is driving now going to shops, mummy will come back later" hehehhe ... yeah... mummy was so excited when she picked me at school, she prepared 1 bottle of milk for me to drink in the car. By the way, we have 2 breaks during school hours. Mummy provided me with snack box of bread and cheese plus fruit for the second break coupled with water and juice.

Ms Joanna told mummy, I listened very well when she asked the children to queue, hold your friend's hand (I held Lujain's hand) to go to the soft play room. I also did my first waterbrush painting. Maybe mummy will post the picture here. Enjoy my pictures!

Just arrived, in front of the school .... don't know how to pose. I believe this is my best pose! 

My school at the back. About to enter.....

 Wowwwww!!! Is this a school? I love it! this is the open play area inside the school

 Inside my blue class, for the 1st time. heyyyyy ... that's Ms Joanna! Hi Ms Joanna!!! Do you miss me? I miss my blue class huhuhu .... 

 Sharing is caring... I play the wooden matching puzzle with my new friends

 That's my shelf! See... see..... the one with pink Dora Explorer bag. Can you spot it?

My first output at school, the water brush painting. Mummy & Daddy said they are going to frame all my works and preserved. Copy right reserved ok? Who knows one day I will become a Prime Minister or a famous chef from Malaysia like Chef Wan? pssstt... I know Chef Wan you know .... I met him personally last October. He kissed my cheek and give me RM10 for duit raya hahaha... thank you (mummy will update with a post about this later on)

My second painting. Mummy arrived when I was in the middle of doing this. See the paper with blue paintings and a brush on it? That's mine! 

 Time to say goodbye for the day. Mummy said say bye to everyone. Me, hugging Lujain (or is it she hugged me? ..... 

 In front of my blue class

Inside the car, after a full bottle of milk! hihihi ... "gentel" = sleepy mode! 

A couple of minutes after leaving my school on the 1st day.... too tiredddddd and sleep tight.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello readers, I am back! (Mummy is back online) hehehe

Yes, too bad we have been quiet for almost a year. Mummy was so busy and now mummy has lots of time to spent with me. We received lots of queries to update this blog. Off course mummy wont disappoint you.To sum up a bit what had happened for the last 10 months, please continue reading.

Last July we moved to our new house in Bahrain. I was busy helping mummy and daddy arranging things hehehe .... then come August, we came back to Malaysia for one month holiday. Then go back to Bahrain, life as usual. In January 2011, mummy and daddy sent me to school at Budaiya Pre-school (I will post some of the pictures of my 1st day at school). Some of the days I don't want to go to the school kikikiki ... then early March, my parents decided to come back to Malaysia for good. Now we are back in Malaysia. Daddy goes to work everyday. I missed daddy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Hair Style!

Cute Am I? heheheh .... after keeping my long hair for more than 18 months, mummy & daddy decided to get a new hair style for me. Short, neat & cute hihihi

This picture was taken in Nov 2008 (I was 2 months old)

This hair grown since Nov 2008 until last week :) (June 2010) - I am 20 months old

I don't like the cloth they put around me! I kept banging my hands up and down till mummy lifted me up hehehe

My new hair style (from the back)

My new look! Cute right? Now we can see my chubby cheek :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I missed my daddy

I am a bit cranky for the past few days because my daddy is not around. Daddy is going somewhere. I sent daddy to the airport and then daddy just disappeared. I managed to talk to daddy this morning and I felt good.

mummy - actually daddy goes back to Malaysia to visit grandma who is sick. Daddy will be back this weekend Insya-Allah.

The following picture of me was taken after we sent daddy to the airport. Mummy made a hairbun / sanggul on my hair. My face without the "usual smile" and unsettled - mummy said.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love to read!

100 Most Powerful Arabs? wowwww!!!! The pictures tell you my story :p

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My latest pose! hehehe

OK, mummy was so occupied with so many things. And myself also cannot see mummy in front of computer, I will cry until I get mummy's computer. So there's no way mummy could use her computer when I am widely awake! hahahahah ...

OK anyway here is my latest pictures. I am a big girl now. I can climb up the dining chair, thus the dining table! I opened mummy's cabinet and drawers and take things out "freely and happily".

Family outing yesterday


Posed with my new bag. Thank you Auntie Fida

My new sleeping style (pillow on top of the head)

yeahhhhhhh .... this is too good mummy!

Can I have one more? (Actually I was saying Peace with my so called PEACE sign hehehe)

Another bowl

take a break!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last weekend activity

Mummy & Daddy took me around Manama, we went to corniche, Seef Mall, my playgroup and shopping as well.

Please take note that this is not a Junior Sumo competition kekekkekeke!!!!

Princess Walk (soon princess wave)

Hidden Talent

To be like mummy! A great cook!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ariana in Action!

Now I know how to act in front of the camera.... see.. see....

First: I was in  a deep sleep

I woke up and I saw mummy was snapping her cakes photo and the show begins:





last but not least, smile!!!

It's time for me to sleep again, I love my bantal busuk!